Welcome to my new blog


The end of a year of study seems an odd time to start a blog about studying, but it’s taken me all of 2012 to get a feel for what I want to include, and how I would like to communicate it.

Of course, ‘postgrad-ness’ (the research variety) frees one up from the constraints of semester dates, which is a two-edged sword. As a result, I’ve just had an early-December ‘study break’ and this week feels like the beginning of my next phase. My first goal for this new phase is to learn how to set up the skeleton of this site so it looks and behaves the way I want it to…

The intentions of this blog are to:

  • document my experiences,
  • reflect on what I’m learning (and to be able to look back on where I’ve been),
  • increase my accountability to myself and to my supervisors,

and hopefully

  • share some of this with other postgrad students along the way.

The blog is not going to include specifics about the data I’m collecting or any other information that for ethical or procedural reasons is not publicly available. Rather, it will include such things as my reflections on the experience of undertaking a research higher degree, thoughts on stuff (an academic term, obviously) that I’ve read, and process-y things like goals and milestones.

All views and thoughts expressed in this blog are mine alone, and not necessarily the views of the university, my supervisors, or my peers.

About postgradpanda

I'm a full-time PhD student, researching the perspectives of parents who are caring for a child with high-level physical care needs, on their relationships with diverse service systems and on their identity within or outside those systems. In December 2014 I left my social work position with a genetic support group but remain associated with the group as President of the Committee of Management. In other hours I write poetry and short stories, go sailing, and am learning to play my double bass.

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