Survive PhD 2015


This morning I recorded a short introductory video as part of my participation in the Survive PhD MOOC (massive open online course). I hope you can see it here: My SurvivePhD intro

Wow, this experience taught me two things.

1. It takes me a long time to trek around cyberspace trying to figure out what I’m doing (and I’m not totally sure I’ve achieved today’s goal, which was to get a short DVD filmed and accessible to the people I want to share it with).

2. I have no intuitive sense of how to manage my balance of privacy and publicity in an online context. I teeter wildly between wanting to share stuff and being paranoid about who will see it and what they’ll do with it.

But what’s the worst that can happen…? Oh, that? Really? Eek.

On the plus side, in the course of my attempts I’ve downloaded another app that might come in handy some day, and changed another password that surely should have worked the way it was. Was this a priority for this particular morning’s work? (Koffkoffsplutter.)

About postgradpanda

I'm a full-time PhD student, researching the perspectives of parents who are caring for a child with high-level physical care needs, on their relationships with diverse service systems and on their identity within or outside those systems. In December 2014 I left my social work position with a genetic support group but remain associated with the group as President of the Committee of Management. In other hours I write poetry and short stories, go sailing, and am learning to play my double bass.

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