Year 2 is 2013. I started this page by listing my goals for the year, and I’ll update with achievements or otherwise along the way. This is the second year of my part-time study, which means the second half of my first full-time equivalent year…so I could be considered as second year or first year, depending on the context.

Goal 1: Complete final Unit of Study. I have one Unit of Study to undertake, which will be a unit that allows me to work on developing my research proposal.

Outcome: Achieved, to the extent that I was able to submit my first complete draft of the research proposal as my assessment piece for the coursework unit. I’ve since revised it, and have my formal proposal meeting scheduled for 23 September.

Goal 2: Have research proposal ready to submit by the end of June.

Outcome: As above, didn’t quite make the timeline, but the extra time spent on revisions will be worthwhile. I think I was being a little optimistic about how much I could fit into six months!

Goal 3: Receive ethics approval early in second semester.

Outcome: The proposal was approved in September, but my goal of receiving ethics approval anytime in second semester was just too optimistic. One for this in Year 3.

Goal 4: Attend international conference (end of June). Ideally I’ll be doing a poster presentation while I’m there. So, sub-goal 4.1: submit abstract for poster presentation. Sub-goal 4.2: create final version of poster presentation. I’m planning to do the latter regardless, for the learning experience and maybe presentation elsewhere if not at the anticipated conference.

Outcome: Yay! Achieved. I presented the poster at a conference in LA, having had a practice run presenting it to my research group and also to the faculty research students’ forum. For anyone reading this who is thinking about (or has never, in fact, thought about) presenting a poster…Do it! Do it! Do it! Such a great way to look at your topic in a different way and identify issues of logic, definition, clarity…I could go on.

Goal 5: Present a paper at the faculty Research Students Forum (Semester 1).

Outcome: No, I chose to focus on the poster instead. I think 2014 will be my year for doing papers – I have a couple of ideas simmering away already.

Goal 6: Assuming Goals 1-3 go according to plan, start data collection in Semester 2. Yay!

Outcome: As you will have noticed from the above comments, Goals 1 & 2 were achieved before the end of the year, but not Goal 3. So, over to Year 3, 2014…

Since I first listed these goals, I’ve also successfully applied to complete this research as a PhD rather than DSW candidate. I’ve written a post explaining why, so I won’t go into it all again here.

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