Here we are in 2014, the third year of my postgraduate research degree. I’m not sure that I’m necessarily wiser, but I am certainly more realistic about my timelines.

So here is a first stab at some goals for this year.

Goal 1:  Obtain ethics approval. [Achieved]

Goal 2: Recruit participants. [Yes, and will continue in 2015]

Goal 3: Start to collect data. [As per Goal 2]

Goal 4: Start to analyse data (Goals 3 & 4 will be happening concurrently for most of the next couple of years). [Yes, and continues]

Goal 5: Stay passionate about my research. [Achieved so far!]

Doing well on this one so far. Happily, I’m every bit as excited to be doing this as I was at the beginning. A little more familiar with what to expect from myself and the whole world of Higher Degree Research, a little less wide-eyed wonder about the postgrad student experience, but feeling very much that I’m where I should be.

Goal 6: Present something. Somewhere. This assumes having something to present that is relevant and interesting, and someone to present it to who is also relevant and interested. [Achieved: Presentations at faculty’s HDR Student forum, short co-presentation on value of peer study/writing group to formal HDR student social gathering]

Simples, as a certain meerkat might say…but perhaps that reference is only recognisable to an Australian audience?

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